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On Some Features of Log-Spectral Distortion as Speech Quality Measure

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Arkadiy Prodeus (2016). On Some Features of Log-Spectral Distortion as Speech Quality Measure, Automation, Software Development & Engineering Journal, DOI 10.2415/asdej.48.4.664

Authors: Arkadiy Prodeus

ABSTRACT. Evaluation of speech quality for signals passed through low-pass filter showed that log-spectral distortion (LSD) does not decrease monotonically when filter bandwidth is broadening. Experiments have shown that increasing of the analysis time can not compensate for this deficiency. It was suggested that a possible reason for the observed phenomenon is increased sensitivity of LSD to spectral characteristics of speech signal. Analytical and experimental studies have shown the validity of this assumption. To eliminate this drawback, it was proposed averaging of LSD values over set of speakers.

Keywords: speech signal, speech quality, objective quality measure, log-spectral distortion, signal spectrum


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